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Coupon Sale

The Coupon Sale continues… from Airport Shell to Spintex Rd (Regimanuel) Goil to Baatsona Total… Have you bought a coupon? Or perhaps you prefer an envelope? Call us…  

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Fundraising & Media Blitz

The Fundraising Team of WGHS Class of 1996 have been busy soliciting support from all and sundry including the Methodist Church, prominent Old Girls, ministers of state, parliamentarians, corporate bodies, small businesses, media houses, family and friends! We are coming to you next …      

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Our Commemorative Project – The Tradition Continues

Wesley Girls’ High School, Cape Coast has a rich tradition of Old Girls (be they fossils, ancient, modern, contemporary or millennials!) supporting their beloved alma mater by undertaking much needed infrastructure projects to mark the various milestones (20th,  30th, 40th, 50th and 60th anniversaries) of the respective year groups. Twenty (20) years …

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180th Anniversary Speech & Prize-Giving Day 1

The180th Anniversary Speech & Prize Giving Day of Wesley Girls’ High School {proudly hosted by the Class of 1996} was held on 11th February, 2017 at the School’s premises in Cape Coast. It was a grand occasion indeed which kicked off with the  amazing military parade by the School’s Air Force Cadet and Regimental …

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